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A Lil' bouT us

WELCOME! to i-PART your Parts Supplier wherever you are.

i-PART AUTO DEALERS have aPLUS SUSPENSION PARTS that is straight out of one of the leading countries in EUROPE/ASIA i.e TURKEY.
Un-Compromised Quality and Price to ensure that your safety is our priority,We have the widest range of Suspension that are supplied globally and is now available in SOUTHERN AFRICA
i-PART AUTO DEALERS also have a wide range of C.V. JOINTS & DRIVE SHAFTS,
We stock OPTIMA BRAKE PADS made in SOUTH AFRICA specially suited for our MARKET at the most competitive price in the market,
MACPower batteries is also available from i-PART as another quality product from TURKEY yet again with a standard 2 year guarantee is no wonder that most vehicles is now fitted with our MAINTENANCE FREE Batteries
A wide range of iPOLY POLYURETHANE BUSHES and RUBBER MOUNTINGS are also available.
So why haven't you called us yet!?
We also offer and would like to extend this business opportunity to whomever is looking to distribute our leading market products